American Civil War Artillery 1861-1865: Pt.1: Field Artillery (Osprey New Vanguard S.)Perhaps the most influential arm of either army in the prosecution of the American Civil War, the artillery of both sides grew to be highly professional organizations, centralizing their artillery, organizing artillery battalions from individual batteries and giving their commanders higher ranks than field artillerymen had previously held. In battle, the introduction of the 12-pdr. Napoieon, followed closely by rifled cannon, provided a range and power previously unknown on American soil. This book details this vital cog in the war-machine of both sides.Dimensions: 24.82 x 18.44 x 0.43 centimetres (0.18 kg)おそらく、南北戦争の執行においてどちらの軍隊に最も影響力のあった軍隊であろうと、両陣営の砲兵は高度な専門組織であり、砲兵を集中管理し、個々の砲兵大隊を編成し、開催されました。

戦いでは、12 - pdrの導入。



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